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don’t forget to click the LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE this video! Friday night is the perfect day to unwind with a few drinks after surviving a rough work week. Soju … Most liquor fans like to compare soju to vodka because both spirits are neutral-tasting, but soju has a much less harsh aftertaste because of the lower alcohol content. Yoghurt Soju Blast. I used Peach Soju for the flavor, then Sprite Zero and Yakult Lite to lessen the sugar and calories. Videos of non-Koreans adding soju, Yakult and Sprite to the drink have become popular on YouTube. Pour with two hands, especially to an older or more senior person. Serve the cocktail in a glass pitcher and soju shot glasses for the best presentation. Let’s all support Johnson Dawagan of The Cowboy's kitchenette!'t Forget To Click The Notification Button ! This drink with yakult sounds great, very refreshing…thanks for the post! try nyo classic soju para lakas tama talaga! This is a girly drink that may also get the fancy of young lads. • 1 bottle of soju (360ml) • 3 yakult (65ml each) • 180ml ng sprite. Video yakult soju - Nghe nhạc remix, nhạc cover hay hất - Nghe Nhạc Hay là nơi chia sẽ những video nhạc Remix, nhạc cover hay nhất, các bạn có thể xem và tải miễn phí những video MV ca nhạc Jinro Light shots. The night continued at Z Hostel where people tried Somaek (soju and beer mixes) and Poktanju, also known as Soju Bomb (soju shot dropped into a beer glass). Our Adobong Tahong is one of the food we... Let’s all support Online Alak at Pulutan! Thanks for sharing this! At 11.2g of sugar per bottle serve that is over 2.5 teaspoons of sugar that you are downing with every bottle. And kahit itanggi nyo man o aminin, ito ang isa sa pinakabaho at pinaka panalong number 2 na trip na trip mong ilabas. Ano pa kaya kung may  Lactobacillus casei Shirota, Yakult? Like a sharp punch into the gut. Untuk wanita, gunakan rasio 50% Yakult, 20% soju, dan 30% Sprite. *Add on Sprite/7-Up for soju bomb. Data from That’s right, soju’s dumped into this scooped-out watermelon. Required fields are marked *. Hi everyone! Soju + Yakult + Sprite. Many Yakult soju recipes calls for equal parts Yakult and soju, but personally that’s too mild and sweet for me. by Plo Kung Fu Master. by Plo Kung Fu Master | Drinks, How To, Pulutan, Recipes, Videos. Another splendid & simple way to drink soju better. Try it, its easy to make just watch the video. Soju Bomb Photo by Supercall. The flesh has been curled into crunchy balls that punctuate the boozier notes of the alcohol with refreshing bursts of flavour. Cheers! Hope you like it. I never liked soju on the rocks, finding the taste a little too strong for me. 54 homemade recipes for yakult from the biggest global cooking community! Guests also played Soju Cap Flick, where players pass around the bottle cap using the metal strip. The Yakult (cultured yoghurt drink) not only makes the soju more palatable, it also provides a creamy milkiness to the drink. However, this bottled drink is less sweeter than mixing yakult and soju on your own. This recipe is for those of legal drinking age (18 or 21 and above depending on where you are from). Yakult is mainly known as a kids drink, but Korea has put their own spin on it. Hold the shot glass with two hands when receiving drinks. Traditionally, Koreans drink their favorite liquor with a meal, but American bartenders love to mix it instead of vodka in cocktails. Don't forget to subscribe like and follow me on my social media handles! Aloe Vera drinks are a little sweet, so it makes Soju a bit more enjoyable. Last but definitely not least on the list is the soju bomb! Ingredients: Soju; Korean beer . It has a smooth finish compared to the local lambanog or gin. Can be quite pricey as one pack of Yakult may need two bottles of Soju. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. How it all started Nag start nung lockdown, nung una gumawa lang ako ng page pang personal vlog lang sna, about sa mga alak at pulutan, pero may isa kong tropa, na i online ko yung alak at sigarilyo ibenta, tapos kmi... Let’s all support Michael Agbayani of North Bites! Soju is a common, highly potent alcohol in Korea. Meet the all-new Yogurt Soju. Ewan ko ba kung bakit, but every time, after a binge drink the night before you wake up to a pissed off stomach waiting to explode just about the time you wake up. It's made by fermenting and then distilling a mixture that contains mainly rice and a blend of wheat, barley, and even sweet potatoes and is clear and mainly tasteless, much like vodka.Soju's alcohol percentage can range greatly, from 16 to 45 percent (32 to 90 proof, also similar to vodka). The Soju Bomb (aka Somaek) resembles its cousin, the Sake Bomb, when the is shot posed on chopsticks above a glass (or lined up in an epic … ** Mix and match soju ** New Chat to Buy In the home concoction, one can adjust the sweetness and alcoholic content to your heart’s content. Untuk lelaki, gunakan rasio 30% Yakult, 30% soju, serta 40% Sprite. These video we found is a Korean concoction, a tastier alternative to Sujo Bomb which uses beer but with this one, its your favorite probiotic  drink,  Yakult. From soju bombs to soju mojitos, these mixed drinks show you how to play bartender at home while bingeing on Korean food and K-drama. Mix the ice and salt in a larger resealable freezer bag then insert the smaller freezer bag in the large bag. But if you like a little fizz in your drink, you can add some Sprite into it. Don’t Tell Mama Shhh, this all-time favourite in Singapore’s unofficial little Korea along Tanjong Pagar Road has friendly oppas (sometimes) serving up massive Beeritas ($22) and Sojuritas ($25), best enjoyed with their Korean-Mexican bar grub. Yakult is commonly known as a kids drink, but adding some to your Soju can really open up a new world to you. TO ALL SOJU’s LOVER Instead of drinking it neat , why not try it out with Yakult !! But if you can't find Yakult, it also works just as well with other cultured milk brands like Delight. I am not a drinker, but I DO love yakult! Ewan ko ba kung bakit, but every time, after a binge drink the night before you wake up to a pissed off stomach waiting to explode just about the time you wake up. Promise Secara sederhana Anda bisa mencampur Yakult dengan soju dalam rasio yang setara, kemudian tambahkan es. Was blown away with the yumminess of this cocktail! There are only 3 main ingredients – soju, Yakult and 7-Up (Sprite). In her latest video, she shared five interesting cocktails that we're dying to try out. Soju has delicate flavor that it is normally easy to infuse flavor to it. Soju bomb is usually paired with feathery light Korean beer which requires a very specific ratio of spirit to brew: three parts soju to seven parts beer, to be exact. Like a sharp punch into the gut. So my personal favourite concoction is 1 part Yakult to 2 parts soju, with a small splash of 7-up for a bit of fizz (you can change 7-Up to with soda water, if you don’t want to add on the sweetness). Ingredients: 120 ml Yakult; 120 ml Soju; Directions: Pour equal parts Soju and Yakult in a glass with ice. Add some Yakult (or any other form of cultured milk drink such as Vitagen) and sprite to your soju and voila, you've produced an easy-to-drink cocktail with 3 very simple ingredients.We love how the Yakult adds some sweetness to the drink and tones down the otherwise boozy flavour of the soju. Jika Anda menginginkan variasi lain, ada takaran yang bisa Anda gunakan. Seal larger bag, removing as much air as possible. See recipes for Fresh Healthy Yakult Smoothie too. Called Yogurt Soju, this drink consist of mixing Yakult, soju and Chilsung Cider (Korea’s version of Sprite) into a … Soju – Yakult Bomb Recipe. Just mix equal parts Yakult and Soju in a glass with ice and you have yourself a sweet, creamy drink—like lassi—with a hint of alcohol. Yakult + lemonade + chia seeds Put a twist in your regular lemonade by adding Yakult and chia seeds to the mix. Chum Churum's Yogurt Soju is an inspiration from the popular Soju Yogurt cocktail (also called Soju Yakult) that mixes soju with a yogurt drink. Chum Churum’s new Yogurt Soju flavour is an inspiration from the popular Soju Yogurt cocktail (also called Soju Yakult) that mixes soju with a yogurt drink. Buy GD SOJU + YAKULT + SHOT GLASS in Singapore,Singapore. Tikim time bes! I hope you are having a nice week :). hahaha masarap siya infairness, itry niyo na ~. Many Yakult soju recipes calls for equal parts Yakult and soju, but personally that’s too mild and sweet for me. This is one of the most popular ways to drink soju in Korea! The combination of Soju, Yakult, and Sprite is the ever famous Soju Bomb. How it all started We don't have physical store as of this time because we've just started this month with our page :The Cowboy's kitchenette, but since then we are already serving every time we are... Let’s all support Tush Fabros of Alas Juicy! If you are older feel free to use one hand when someone hands you a shot; 2) Pour the drink – No one should pour their own shot. Aside from the already popular soju yakult, which you can easily make by mixing yakult with soju and soda water, here are some of our Yakult-mixed drink suggestions. Your email address will not be published. Above everything listed, this is the most common mix. If you are, however, tired of pairing it with Yakult (a *classic* combo), Laureen Uy has got you covered. The usual soju options are on hand, but go straight for the star of the show: the Seorae Subak bomb. My favourite drink at the moment is Korean Yakult soju cocktail. Mix Yakult, juice or soda, and soju (if using) in a small resealable freezer bag and remove as much air as possible before sealing. 2 Yogurt Soju: soju + Yakult One of the most popular ways to enjoy soju is by mixing it with cultured milk, preferably Yakult. Mix: two shot glasses of soju + half a glass of Yakult or Delight. Timpla for the good gals at sa gustong simple tama lang • 1 bottle soju • 6 yakult • 250ml ng sprite (1 mismo size) Timpla for the pabebes • 1 yakult * Masarap! Visit these joints with your crew and soju bomb your night away. By KYLE DE … The 17.2 grams per 100mL is higher than that of Coca-Cola (which only has 10.6g of sugar per 100ml).. Fortunatley though, Yakult have released a new lower sugar version of Yakult called 'Yakult Light'. Now as the name suggests, it is just a mixture of soju and yoghurt. May 30, 2019 - Must try guys! 2. P.S. What's different about this Yogurt Soju is that you won't need to buy the two items separately as the flavors are already combined in one bottle. So my personal favourite concoction is 1 part Yakult to 2 parts soju, with a small splash of 7-up for a bit of fizz (you can change 7-Up to with soda water, if you don’t want to add on the sweetness). Here are the general rules on how to drink soju: 1) Receiving the drink – The older or most senior person will generally pour the first shot. How it all started Having to share our food has been a dream for the future, but this pandemic has shown us that if we create something with love people will taste it as well. Soju is always a good choice if you're in need of a boozy drink because it's so accessible and there are a ton of other beverages you can mix with it. Stir and serve with straw. How it all started The business idea started by me, the food are cooked by my parents. Learn how your comment data is processed. In fact, any time of the day is fine with us! Here are our Yakult's favourite delicious smoothie recipe tht are a simple and nutritious way to start your day. Your email address will not be published. Sana Oks din sa tiyan to! Subscribe for more !! TGIF! Since my father already retired from his job. With this easy cocktail recipe, one can enjoy “happy hour” at any time any day (haha).

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